Audicle Face: VM-Space

version: 1.0.x.x (quintesson)


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  • The VM-Space is a useful face for quickly viewing the audio synthesized by your program and ChucK in real-time. This is somewhat based on sndpeek. stereo and multichannel audio is mixed to mono before being visualized. We hope to improve this.

  • The blue above is the time-domain waveform. The green below is a waterfall plot of the short-time fourier transform (STFT).

  • By clicking on the yellow sphere to the right side of the window, you can change the type of the transform window (hanning, hamming, blackmann-something, rectangular). Clicking on the red sphere simply displays the current window.

  • By clicking and dragging anywhere within the Audicle window, you can view your Fourier transform from different angles. Up and down, anyway.

  • By pressing ctrl and clicking and dragging, you can move the waterfall from side to side. Left and right.
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