Audicle Face: ShrEditor

version: 1.0.x.x (quintesson)


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This first face of the Audicle, the ShrEDITOR, is somewhat similar to the miniAudicle. It's a place for you to write, organize, and listen to your ChucK programs. To get started, you can either open an existing ChucK program by pressing ctrl-f, or you can open a buffer and begin a new ChucK program by pressing ctrl-n.

Once you've written or opened valid ChucK code, you can spork it by clicking the green circle (s) at the top right of the buffer. You can also spork it by typing ctrl-l (that's 'l' as in 'lunatic'). As long as there isn't a problem with the code, you should begin hearing your program immediately. Parse and semantic errors are displayed in pop-up boxes.

Okay, once you've sporked a shred, a numbered circle will appear on the right side of your buffer window. This is a visual representation of your shred, and will let you know how many you have running, sorted by versions of the code in the buffer. Clicking on the circle will stop the shred (but it won't erase the code).

One convenient feature of the ShrEDITOR: if you open a program and then modify it, the ShrEDITOR will automatically create a new sub-version, thus preserving the original. For example, if you open and then change a variable or type a new line of code, the heading will change to foo(1).ck. If you go back to and change it again, foo(2).ck will open. If you go back and modify foo(1).ck, foo(1.1).ck will open, and so on. If you spork any of these modified shreds, then the numbered circle of the shred will appear under the correct modified program title.

You can navigate these modified programs and their shreds by clicking on the titled ovals (or "grapes") that appear on the right side of the buffer window. (See image below.)

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You can also separate modified programs by dragging the titled oval away from the old buffer window, thereby creating a new one. An arrow will appear when you do this, pointing to where the new window will be made (see image below).

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Once you have a buffer window open, you can open more ChucK programs by pressing the red (O) to the left of the spork button. Typing ctrl-f will also still work (we hope).

You can open as many buffer windows and ChucK programs as you want, and you can spork each of those programs as many times as you want. Go nuts. When many buffer windows are open, try clicking and dragging the buffer's header. You'll notice after you finish dragging it, the window will keep sliding as if you were shuffling papers on a desk. You can have endless "fun" throwing these buffer windows around, and watching them bounce back.

If you click the (X) at the top of your buffer window, the window will close. This will not stop any shred that was sporked from that buffer window. If you click the (X) and hold it, you will be given the option to open a new program, save the current program, or close the current program.

By clicking and dragging on the circle in the lower right of a buffer window, you can resize the window. By holding Alt and clicking on this same circle, you can resize the text within the window. Glorify yer code, man!

You can view all your buffer windows simultaneously by typing ctrl-u (see image below). If you have a window selected, then it will remain larger than the other windows afterwards.

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Um, that's all for the ShrEditor. We also/still recommended that you also explore the command line chuck and/or the miniAudicle. The Audicle is even less stable than those two! Well, if you are still with us, then let's move on to the other faces.

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