Audicle Face: Shredder

version: 1.0.x.x (quintesson)


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  • The third face of the Audicle, the Shredder, gives a visual representation of the shreds you are running, as well as a summary of statistics about shreds, updated real-time.

  • Each shred is visualized as a separate colored sphere. The spheres rotate on their own, but by clicking and dragging anywhere within the Audicle window, you can change your view of the spheres. It's pretty goofy, and we are not all that happy about it, but this is what we got for now.

  • You'll notice, if you get the angle right, that each of the shreds currently in the VM exists on the same plane within the three-dimensional space (see image below). This is the plane of shredular existence. Yes!!!

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  • When a shred is removed from the VM (either directly or as the result of a parent/child cascade), its sphere will float away from this plane, to shred heaven.

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  • If new shreds are added, new spheres will appear and join the plane as if they were expanding bubbles.

  • If you click on the green sphere in the bottom right of the Audicle window, then each shred's sphere will be presented in a list, in the order in which they were sporked. Next to each sphere will be a line of information regarding that shred (see image below).

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  • By clicking and dragging again, you can even change perspectives when looking at the list! OpenGL abuse! (see image below)

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  • The information given next to each sphere is as follows:

    id - state - name - origin - number of vm bytecode instructions performed - number of time advances - cycles/activations - average control rate (dynamically computed)

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