Getting Started with the Audicle

version: 1.0.x.x (quintesson)


Download and Execute

Information on downloading and building audicle, as well as some basics on using the system.

  • If you haven't already, you can download the Audicle here.
  • Instructions on basic install and build can be found here.
  • Once you've got the Audicle, you can run it either by opening the Audicle icon, or by typing "audicle" in your command line window.

The Basics

  • Once you've opened the Audicle (with default face mappings), you should see a blank white screen with a line at the bottom that says (1)(ShrEDITOR) and (now) next to a running timer (see image above).

  • You can also remap the faces of the audicle via command line arguments. See command line flags and key combos.

  • From here, there are a few basic commands that can help you navigate the Audicle.

  • The backquote key ` (usually left of the number 1) will bring up the Audicle console (see image below).

  • The colored cube to the left in the console represents each of the six currently mapped Audicle faces. By clicking on any side of the cube, you can quickly navigate between the faces of the Audicle.

  • To the right of the cube, you will see "welcome to chuck shell!" followed by
    chuck %>. From here, you can type basic command line code to open or modify your ChucK programs. We are still working on ChucK Shell documentation. So here is quick list of commands.

    • ls, pwd, cd : works kind of like in most terminals
    • + [file] ... : add one or more chuck files on-the-fly
    • - [id] ... : remove one or more shreds by id
    • -- : remove last shred
    • removeall : remove all shreds

  • You can also type ctrl-left, ctrl-right, ctrl-up, or ctrl-down to navigate between faces without using your mouse. These commands will work no matter which face of the Audicle you are using.

  • Type ctrl-g to toggle Audicle in and out of fullscreen mode. This command will also work in any face of the Audicle.

  • These are the basics. Check out key combos and the Audicle's Many Faces for specific documentation on each of the Audicle's faces.

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