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This is the initial binary release of the Audicle. (open source coming soon). The Audicle is a highly experimental audio programming environment for ChucK. 1.x.x.x is the Quintesson release of the Audicle. Why Quintesson? Well, the Audicle's functionalities are compartmentalized into 6 "faces" (um 8 of which are currently implemented), and the Quintessons have a lot of fa... Here, if you want you can read more about them here or here. Thanks.

Also, email us for ANY build/language/usage questions and suggestions. For support, discussion, updates, or if you have something to share with other users/researchers/developers, join and post to the ChucK/Audicle mailing lists.

ThanK you very much!


Hi there. The Audicle is still highly "experimental" as a standalone environment - it may be better used in conjunction with other methods of running/editing chuck.

We suggest also installing the command-line chuck (more documented and more mature), and the integrated editor/VM, miniAudicle.

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  • includes:
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    • example code
    • release notes
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(external dependencies, for source build only):
  • Mac OS X: CoreAudio
  • Linux: libsndfile, gtk-2.0, OpenGL/GLUT,
    ALSA, Jack, or OSS
  • Windows: DirectSound, GLUT
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