The Audicle : A Context-sensitive, On-the-fly
Audio Programming Environ/mentality

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date:2004 - present
version: (quintesson)

what is the Audicle? : Many software environments have been developed for computer music. Programming environments typically provide constructs to implement synthesis or musical algorithms, whereas runtime environments allow performers to exert parametric control over their programs onstage, in real-time. We present a potentially new type of audio programming environment that integrates the programmability of the development environment with elements of the runtime environment. The result, called the Audicle, is a duct-taped intersection of a concurrent smart editor, compiler, virtual machine, and debugger, all running in the same address space, sharing data, and working together at runtime. We sometimes believe this augmentation has the potential to fundamentally enhance the way we write and visualize audio programs both offline and on-the-fly.

Our model of the Audicle is integrated with the ChucK programming language and inherits many of its fundamental properties, including: decoupling of data-flow and time, concurrency, and modularity for on-the-fly programming. The Audicle not only provides an amusing class of programming tools for real-time composition and performances, but also motivates a new type of on-the-fly programming aesthetic: one of visualizing the audio programming process.

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(winner: 2004 ICMA Best Presentation Award) (presented at ICMC 2004 in Miami:
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