Audicle Face: Co-Audicle

version: 1.0.x.x (quintesson)


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  • The sixth face of the Audicle is the beginning of the CoAudicle, a collaborative live coding environment that is so far unimplemented, except for the dudes (dudettes to appear later) that represent coders. At this point, the face is only good for mild amusement.
  • When you open this face, you'll notice a dude, centered in your Audicle window, walking along. You can manipulate this dude with the following commands:

    1 will hide the dude

    5 will give the dude a bindle, typing 5 again will take the bindle away

    9 will give the dude a halo, typing 9 again will take the halo away

    e will cause the dude to lean back and look around

    r will make the dude wave with both arms

    t will make the dude wave with just his left arm

    y will make the dude mosh, or nod 5 times. This command is totally gratutous and cool and should be used liberally.

    u will make the dude nod once.

    i will give the dude incredibly long legs for a few seconds

    The space bar will make the dude jump

    + or = will add a dude. You can add as many as you want.

    - or _ will subtract a dude one at a time.

    0 will make all extra dudes disappear, 0 again will make them reappear.

    d, f, and g will cause the extra dudes to imitate the main dude.

  • The idea of this face is to allow multiple users to all ChucK in a networked environment, where each user is represented by one of these dudes. However, this function has not yet been implemented, so for now, the face is just for fun. And for being cool.

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